DIY Gift Ideas for Your Children on Birthdays and Holidays


Picking out the right gift is naturally very challenging. Everyone wants to pick out a memorable gift that the recipient will like. With adults, it is usually easier to come up with gift ideas. Children are a little harder to predict, since it seems like their likes and interests are always changing. Sometimes the best gift to give to a child is something that was not bought at the store, but was crafted by hand. Handcrafted gifts are often more memorable than anything picked up from a store. More information about creating handmade gifts for children is covered in the following areas:

  • Felt gifts
  • Clothing
  • LEGO gifts


Felt Gifts

Felt gifts are some of the easiest to make, even for brand-new crafters. One of the greatest things about working with felt is how many possibilities there are. Unlike other materials, felt is incredibly easy to work with, and is also relatively inexpensive. Felt gifts are also very easy to customize, since the felt comes in so many different colors. A huge part of what makes felt gifts a strong choice for anyone who has never crafted before is the internet. There is no shortage of online guides, as well as patterns for all sorts of gifts easily accessible from the internet.

A popular felt gift for children is making felt dolls. Crafters can pick from any number of designs available on the internet. There are many projects for replicating famous characters. With how quick felt crafting goes, even new crafters can recreate a full cast worth of a child’s favorite show or movie.

A slightly more involved felt project involves creating felt boards. Just like with felt dolls, these boards can be customized to suit the needs of the child. Felt boards are slightly more expensive, since crafters have to purchase a frame for the board, but blank frames are relatively inexpensive.


Creating clothing by hand is more involved than working with felt, but is still relatively easy for new crafters. Just like with felt, there are a lot of online guides and patterns available for crafting outfits. Making outfits can take a while, but it is dependent on the type of outfit. One of the great things about making outfits for children is the creative freedom involved. Crafters do not have to make traditional outfits for children. Many children appreciate having something festive made, like a custom crown or custom slippers. It might not necessarily be something a child has to wear outside of the house.

More skilled crafters can do even more elaborate costumes. It can be a longer project, but many children appreciate being able to dress up as their favorite characters. Not all clothing has to be made for children, either. If crafters are pressed for time, they can always make smaller outfits that are meant for other toys instead of for their children. Crafters can even combine clothing and felt projects, and create small outfits for the felt dolls to wear.

LEGO Gifts

LEGO is always a popular gift for children. Part of what makes LEGOs so appealing for children is how many building possibilities there are. Children are less likely to get bored with LEGOs, since they can always turn them into something new. While children are bound to appreciate just getting LEGOs, there are other creative gifts that can be made using LEGOs.

A very popular gift for children is a LEGO lunchbox. LEGO lunchboxes are one of the easiest gifts to create. Crafters first need to get their hands on the lunchbox they want to customize, and a LEGO building plate. A LEGO building plate is just the base to which the LEGOs adhere. Crafters can cut the building plate so it fits inside the lunchbox. After that, all they need to do is glue the building plate into the lunchbox.

The crafter can decorate the building plate however he or she wants. Some crafters choose to leave the building plate blank, so the children can come up with their own designs. However, this makes the gift look a little bare bone, plus children can still customize their building plates with their own collections.

The building plate can be attached to many other objects, but in general, the bigger the object, the better. That way, kids have more space to craft whatever they want. Although it is not quite as large, another popular item is a LEGO belt buckle for children.